The secret of delivering a strong, positive media interview is preparation, preparation, preparation. Knowing your stuff is one thing, delivering it in a positive, convincing style under time constraints is quite another.

Achieving a successful media interviews can be nerve wracking for some people.  They get all flustered and nervous at the sight of a camera or microphone or even smartphones these days.  They know what they want to say but become tongue-tied.   A great opportunity to deliver key messages to clients, customers, stakeholders is lost.  Others stumble through an interview clearly reading from a prepared statement which is very unconvincing if not annoying.

Preparing for media interviews should get the same priority as any other senior management function.  A positive reputation can be wiped in seconds by a poor response to a probing question.

We deliver bespoke media skills training programmes for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. There are no tricks, no shortcuts, just hard work perfecting your personal delivery style using simple but effective techniques that work. We provide individual training days or workshops. Most of the training model is focussed on doing a series of different media interviews followed by analysis.

You will learn:

* The changing Irish media landscape – print (broadsheet/tabloid), broadcast (television, radio) digital and social media.
* How the media works across all these communications platforms
* Preparation for media interviews print/ broadcast
* Prioritising your message (s)

* Keeping on message

* Anticipating difficult questions

* Use of language – avoiding jargon and clichés

* Interview techniques – how to relax, breathing and body langauge

* Practical interviews and analysis

All training is provided by experienced national print and broadcast journalists. Email us for more details at or call +353872904982.