Our clients must always have a clear understanding of the services we deliver. From writing and issuing press releases, reports, statements to organising photocalls,  press conferences, product launches to overall media liaison, pro and reactive, to acting as a media spokesperson. There will always be a clear brief between us and the client.

Our Areas of Expertise

We provide a range of public relations services including:

strategic planning, crisis management, media relations and media training.

This involves agreeing:

  • Specific goals
  • Objectives
  • Key messages
  • Timeframe
  • Target audience – public, stakeholders, staff, customers, suppliers
  • Communication tools.

Internal or external issues can have a devastating effect on a client’s reputation. An up to date crisis management policy should be in place.

This involves agreeing:

An internal ‘chain of command’
Obtaining as much information from key staff as possible
Writing ‘holding’ statements for staff, customers and the public
Providing media skills training to selected spokespeople.
Briefing the media, issuing statements on the company website and the use of social media.


  • Research
  • Writing documents
  • Writing press releases for newspapers, broadcast and online media outlets
  • Pitching stories to editors
  • Media liaison – journalists, photographers, video journalists, picture editors
  • Issuing press releases to relevant journalists, editors, producers, researchers
  • Organising press conferences, photocalls, product launches
  • Issuing diary notices/invites to media
  • Organising photo calls
  • Arranging media interviews for journalists
  • Interview preparation with client spokesperson
  • Media monitoring

  • Preparing for media interviews
  • Print, radio, television, online.
  • Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
  • Understanding different types of interview – soft, chatty, aggressive, bullish
  • Soundbite, studio, telephone, outside broadcast, doorstep.
  • Agreeing your message (s) and sticking to it
  • Anticipating that difficult question
  • Role play video interviews for print, broadcast and online