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Tell your story to your audience. More business owners and individuals and organisations are taking control of their public relations through better use of video.

Video tells the story of your firm, its origin, what it does, its products and services to consumers and clients. All the time you, the owner, have control over what is filmed and said.

Many PR companies will refer journalists and consumers and customers to their clients’ websites for updated information on a story or crisis issue.

It is imperative that a company, organisation or individual has an updated video section on its

website. This should be renewed regularly as often as once a week with the latest news, views, opinions and it should be fully utilised during times of crisis management.

Display a more personal side to you and your business to existing and potential clients. A simple three-minute video highlighting who you are and what your company does is a simple method of selling your business.

Many companies issue statements and press releases on their websites. Others go that step further and add videos.

. It is simple and hugely effective.

Videos can also include recent links to conferences, presentations, or one-to-one interviews with senior executives as the company.

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